Best Free Offline Music Apps | Listen To Music Offline Free

Best Free Offline Music Apps | Listen To Music Offline Free

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: February 21, 2018

If you want to know about the Best Free Offline Music Apps or want to get indulged in the mesmerizing voice of your favorite singer and in their songs then you are welcomed here. Here we are going to discuss today the best Free Music Apps which will take you to the deep world of songs and music. Here you will get all music that you would love to listen. If you have any preferences then also go for it and try these apps; these are mind-blowing and a perfect mood-changer. This can elevate the mood of a depressed and simultaneously can make a person emotional. These are damn good apps which every music-lover should use on their iPhone, Windows and Android devices.

Best Free Offline Music Apps | Listen To Music Offline Free

Whether or not, it is a month of rain; or, a month of winter you can keep your mood evergreen and ever good with music. Music is known as a boon for emotional elevation and mental supports. It is no doubt, the best invention by our ancestors and the best gift they could give to their coming generations.

Best Free Offline Music Apps on iPhone, Android and Windows Devices

It is the music which, gives us a motivation like a teacher; provides the emotional support during the period of sadness or loneliness.

It is the music which makes us feel good even when everything is not good. There are many types of research claiming the results to be true, such results which say that music is a very good source to change one’s mood.

Here, I am presenting, in front of you, the best free offline music apps for iOS and Android users. These are the best and most popular applications which most of the people use.


This is the best app for listening to music offline free. Here, you will get all types of music and all types of tracks. You can come here at any time and at anyplace with a good internet connection and can have an elevated mood.

Pandora - Free music streaming app

Pandora is the free music app and it does not ask you to log in and register for listening to music. You can log in and can register to have your custom play-list or play history but it’s not a compulsion. You can have your favorite music here, and you can have your leisure time spent in a good mood and in good mind.

It can play music for free with the least data usage. This app will use only that amount of data which is sufficient for it to play the best quality of music. The Pandora app really works best when you’re connected to a good Wi-Fi source so you can stream the songs negligible buffering.

It also allows a user to register; you can register here so that you can have your playlist safe. You can log in with that id on any device and can have your playlist back.


Again this is one of the best music streaming apps. This app provides you and allows you to listen to music offline free of high quality and with better standards. The reviews of the app are filled with complaints of the users that it made them cry while they are listening to the music from the app. It provides you all kind of music. Form the old music to the latest one; it has all types of music in it, for its users to listen. You can even log in and can register in this app for free.

Shazam - Best free offline music apps

This app is available for all kinds of users. These include Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Nokia, Windows 8 tablet, Windows Phone.

Spotify App

This is also an amazing app which can play music for you and will recommend you such music which is absolutely based on the previous music and songs which you have heard earlier. This is also one of the Best music streaming app iPhone.

Spotify App - Best music streaming app iPhone

If you haven’t got it yet, let me explain it further to you; suppose you are listening to any music of the motivational genre. What you will be suggested next in the app is the music of that particular genre only, i.e. there will be other songs in the recommended list which would affect your mood in the same way as the former one did. This function is added to the app to make it easy for the music-lover to choose the music of their interest even if they haven’t have heard it. This app too is available for all users including Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone.


Have you ever heard of the free music app which uses the radio station to play music for you?  Yes? Then this is the same app. If you are such a music lover then you must have this radio app for your mobile device.

iheart-radio free offline music app

This is the best app and is supportable in various music devices. You can hear music, whether you have an android or you have an apple, on this app. This app is supportable in Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 8/7

It has best and awesome features and also allows you to hear the songs free of cost. All you need is to just enter this app and choose the correct music to elevate your mood.

Slacker radio

Slacker radio is, also, one of the best free offline music apps which can play for you the music for free; such music which can elevate your mood. This is absolutely free and will play for you all the music for free. It is also the same as the previous one, described above, with some features differing from the former one. While listening to these stations you can fine tune them to play more of the songs that you like.


This app is not solely for the users of Android and BlackBerry; but for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Nokia, Palm, Windows Phone users too.


Have you ever heard the name of this app? Of course, this is the famous and the most popular app for the song. Those who love to listen to songs can never abate the influence of the music, this is the best app you can ever have.


This is the best application which can be used by any user of Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc.


Hence these were the Best free offline music apps to enjoy the music on the go on your iPhone, android and windows devices. If you want to know about Best Free Mp3 Download sites then do read this. Let us know any other apps which we have missed in the comment section below and we shall add them and update the list.

Thank you.

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