Best Free Password Managers With Sync For Windows/Mac/Android/Linux

Best Free Password Managers With Sync For Windows/Mac/Android/Linux

Venkatesh GeddamLast Updated On: February 21, 2018

Best Free Password Managers With Sync – Hey guys, are you on facebook? I know you are not here to answer such a stupid question; but seriously, are you on facebook? Well, please let me know that whether you are on Instagram or not? Okay, fine! May I know, whether this famous person could be seen on twitter also? See guys, these are all known websites which are famous for 100 percent attendance of their users.

These are the well known social platforms which are known for their connecting abilities. They connect the people all over the world together. Its world, here people come close; becomes friends and later get separated. The bond is the only thing which cannot be broken; within the distance and without the distance it is the bond which remains in existence.

Best Free Password Managers With Sync For Windows/Mac/Android/Linux

In the olden days, there were people who wish to have their loved one close enough. This allows them to be in contact with each other. Even if they get separated, then also till the strong bond possess they remain in contact with letters.

At times, in this conversation, there are certain things which are meant to be kept secret or between the person and you only. You can understand the same as you have passwords for the social media. The passwords are the reason due to which your conversation remains safe with the one you are having it.

Today in this world of social media we often face cases of the account hacking.  People or users of social media are often seen complaining that their account is hacked by some professional or any daily users.

Often, the facebook receiving such complaints suggests changing the password one is using to log in the account. These passwords can be changed easily but every time the new password is difficult to remember; further, it is tough to remember all the passwords of all the websites.

So the coders of the websites, as said, “Necessity is the mother of inventions” have invented a new app and a new program which could give you the security form any arbitrary website-breach or fraud and even secures you from your less memory.

There is some password manager which will instantly save your password when you login into any account; account, whether it is of Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other website, would remain safe until you are having a password manager. What you have to do after installing a password manager is just to keep the password of the website strong.

As you do make the password 8 character long and strong, by including alphabet character and numeric character, your problem of remembering and keeping the different password in different websites would elevate an upgrade.

Here, in this article, I would give you an application (Best Free Password Managers for your device) which will keep your websites safe; further, you need not remember all the passwords. Till the date your laptop has this app, you need not wait for typing the password in and username to login. This app will directly lead you to the homepage.

Best Free Password Managers With Sync For Windows/Mac/Android/Linux

Let’s discuss some best password managers today:-


Don’t worry! This is not a threat by any underworld don :P. This is a name of the coolest password manager app for managing your password. You can have your password safe and even you can have different passwords on different websites if you have this cool app.

LastPass best password manager

The most beautiful thing about this app is that it won’t ask you to pay thousands of money or hundreds of dollars to do this. You can log on for free, you can use it and can save the passwords of the websites for free.

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium

This is also and similar to the LastPass. This is also free and provides many features for its users, to use. It remembers the password for every website. This is the best free password managers app which one can use to have their password safe.

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium

With this, password what you have to keep safe is safest and will be unique for every website. This is how you can have your id and password safe. It even has no limits to set for the passwords.

1U Password Manager

This is also one of the best. This password manager app provides you one master passwords which you have to remember and has to use it again and again to login to any account you have.  this master password is nothing else but your face. Now tell me and even evaluate yourself, is it possible for others to have a face like you.

1U Password Manager

It uses biometrics, i.e. until and unless you are not in the range of the 1U password manager range, it won’t recognize your face and neither it can get unlocked.  Thus, it provides fully and completely unique master password for the users to open your passwords.

This is, thus, best password manager. It has one limitation; it can only work on those phones which have in them, the sufficient features to allow this unique and amazing app use the face detection technique. Such phones which have no such qualities cannot use it. This has a benefit and a limitation too.

It has one more limitation; it can be used for personal use only. The business network cannot make use of the said app.

Myki Password Manager & Authenticator

This also manages its name in the list of top free password manager apps. This is such an app which allows its users such features which are best and unique. In this app there are other features which are in common with others; but when it is considered and studied with its particular details. It is unique and cannot be compared with others.

Myki Password Manager & Authenticator

You can switch out weak and duplicate passwords for strong ones because the password manager remembers them for you. There is no problem for the users to make and construct difficult password for any website. This is safe for them also but the biggest problem with such password is to memorize them.

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