Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

Best Chrome Extensions For Developers, Graphic And Web Designers

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: February 25, 2018

Best Chrome Extensions For Developers – Are you a Web developer or a Graphic designer or a Web Designer? Yes, then this post is specially written for you. A web developer daily life can be as hectic as possible and without any productivity hacks, you can’t make your tasks efficiently. Today this post might help you in raising your productivity to some extent. Here we present you current Best Chrome extensions for Developers and designers who work on their Chrome browser daily. These extensions will definitely ease your task and make your tasks productive.

Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

There are various types of chrome extensions but this post will be only featuring the best chrome extensions for developers and Graphic designers. So make sure you go through the complete post because missing any of these extensions on your google chrome would be unfortunate.

There are special extensions which are specially designed and are provided in chrome for developers and UI designers.

7 All-Time Best Google Chrome Extensions for developers 2018


This is one of the best web developer extension in chrome. Usersnap chrome extension is easily available in chrome extensions if you still find any difficulty to find it then install it using the link below. It is really an amazing a very good extension, which is used by developers and could be used by them; thus, it could provide a lot of help for them.

Usersnap chrome extension

This Chrome extension comes handy when you need to take a snapshot of the current browser content. You can also use this extension to organize all your user feedbacks and bugs at one place.

During such browsing, this particular extension allows capturing and annotating any webpage. This means, if you want to use a particular IP address, of any particular website, again then this extension allows you to do so.

You can use this extension to create your own Web development workflow process and even organize the feedback system on the same stage. Add this chrome extension for developers now on your Google chrome.


Web Developer

This is one of the Best Chrome Extensions For Developers. It is good as it adds a little toolbar; the toolbar makes it easy to use many features. It allows many features to get used easily. This toolbar has different and many times of different tools available. The original concept of this Chrome extension for developers came from the PNH Developer Toolbar.

Web developer extension chrome

Web developer extension chrome provides such a toolbar which makes it easy for a developer to use different tools.  It makes the browser a lot of more handy for him; it makes it in such a way that a developer can use it in their day-to-day work.


Window Resizer for Developer

This is kind of chrome extension for web designers and front-end developers. Using this extension you can resize your browser version to emulate various screen resolutions.

Window Resizer for Developer

Thus, this is the best extension which allows you to do the dame. It allows its users to resize the window-size of the browser. You can resize the browser’s tab by using this extension to check if your webpage or website is working fine on all the screen resolution; if you did install the same extension in your browser you could easily resize your window with it.

Procedure to do the same:-

  • Click on the icon in the menu bar
  • The click produces a drop-down menu of window sizes.
  • You can customize it and can enjoy different things happening simultaneously.

If you think what is different about this extension then I would like to introduce you to its one of the best option, that it allows neatness and clean design for its users. It is its neatness, what’s neat about the Window Resizer is the pop-up option which makes it easy to use and handy to use. You can even rotate your screen and customize the presets.


ColorPick Eyedropper

A web developer has to do many works. For example:- when he designs a website or a webpage, he has to code it with HTML and after that, he has to choose a design for it. Sometimes a coder or a web developer fails to choose the perfect color for the particular website; thus, he checks various and different types of websites which allows it choose the color.

Eyedropper chrome extension now

But did you know, CSS allows a coder to use as many as 16 million colors to play? Yes, it sounds good but thinks of the coder, how, possibly, he could choose the perfect color for the website and how could he differentiate between the color that he has used and that the other website has used, which has given him the idea.

It would be good for the coder that, something allows him to pick the color from any particular website and the same he can use on his.

ColorPick Eyedropper is a simple color picker tool that allows you to select color values from any web page.

This chrome extensions for graphic designers allows its users to pick any color and would drop it on the webpage as its code. Thus, it becomes easy for the developer to use the color again, somewhere else. Get this ColorPick Eyedropper chrome extension now.



Only the coder can understand the use of CSS in developing a website. It is one of the most important languages to code and writes the scripting language of the webpage and website. CSS viewer allows its user to view and check the CSS property of the website. Full CSS design can never be copied, of any particular website, but its appearance and some animation can possibly be copied and this makes a new design of the website.

CSSViewer chrome extension

CSS has a lot of possibilities to make a website good and attractive; for example, font, text, color, background, box, positioning and effects attributes. It will tell everything, as you hover over the targeted material you will know its specialty. Get CSSViewer chrome extension now.


Lorem Ipsum generator

This is the most used extension. Actually one of the major problems which coder face during coding is the size of the written text.

Lorem Ipsum generator

We all know, the brochure of the company is an important thing for accompanying and hence, before submitting its brochure the company, first, develops his website. Thus, and random text with a particularly targeted word limit is used and set into the HTML code. This random sentence and paragraph are generated by Lorem Ipsum generator chrome extension.



Thus, these were the Best Chrome Extensions For Developers and Graphic designers. These chrome extensions should have made it easy for users and developer to code and develop a webpage or a website or design something creative easily. If you know of some other extension which has not been lsited here then do comment below and we shall add that in this post 🙂 .

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