How to convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Loosing data fat32 to ntfs

How to convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Loosing data

Venkatesh GeddamLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

How to convert Fat32 to NTFS – Facing issues while transferring large files to your pen drive? If you are facing this issue due to the format of the pen drive, then this article is here to help you convert fat32 to NTFS without format.

If you are trying to copy large files in your pen drive then you might not want your file system in fat 32 format. Unfortunately, many of the file systems in USB drives are in fat 32 format which is less reliable and secure when compared to NTFS. If your file size is greater than 4gb, and your drive is in fat32 format then you might get the error “Not enough disk space” even when you have space on your drive. This is the one common reason why people want to change the disk format.

convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Loosing data

If you are facing a similar issue or you have some data in your flash drive and don’t want the data to be deleted, Then follow these steps and you can easily convert your flash drive format from fat32 to NTFS file system without losing any data from your device.

What is the difference between fat32 and NTFS file system?

Before getting started, if you better if you have a clear idea of what is NTFS and FAT32?

Any storage device has to be into any of the 2 types either FAT32 or NTFS. FAT is an older version file system whereas NTFS in the newest version with advanced features over FAT version.

FAT stands for “File allocation table” and NTFS stands for “New technology files system”. NTFS seems to be faster and more compatible when compared to FAT32.

Steps To Convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Losing Data

Method 1: Using Command Prompt

  • You need to open the command prompt with administrative privileges.
  • To open the command prompt in elevated mode, press windows and search CMD then right click on it and click on run as administrator. Doing this will open your command prompt in administrator mode.Open Command Prompt
  • Know your desired drive letter which you want to convert. For example, if your drive letter is “f”.How to convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Loosing data Selecting Drive Letter
  • Type  “chkdsk f: /f”  This will clean up the drive and fixes errors if any.
  • Next Step is to convert the format to NTFS to do this, type “convert f: /fs:ntfs” without quotes and press enter.How to convert Fat32 to NTFS Without Loosing data Command

The command will be processed and your drive will be converted into NTFS.


Most of the modern file systems are NTFS by default. Therefore, You don’t need to worry about converting your drives from fat 32 to NTFS. But if you are on older versions with FAT32 then you can easily convert fat2 to NTFS using the above-mentioned steps. These steps are simple and also avoids any data loss.

Do let us know in the comment section if you still face any issues in the process of converting your USB or hard drives from FAT 32 to NTFS without losing any data.

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