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How to Download Periscope For PC Windows 10 And Mac | Periscope on web

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Download Periscope For PC and Laptop Windows 10 And Mac – Are you looking for an app using which you can go live on various social media and meet your audience? If yes then you have landed on the correct page. We are also going to help you guys in the process of Downloading periscope for PC and laptop and also step by step guide on how to Install it. Firstly let us discuss the app in detail.

Periscope For PC

What is Periscope App?

Periscope is a Live Video streaming app that allows people on social media especially on Twitter to go live and communicate with their audience. This is a lot like present day’s Facebook live where you can upload live videos in order to reach the people. There are a lot of benefits of periscope live streaming app.

All that Twitter users need to do is download the periscope app from the google play store. They can either log in with their original twitter account or create a new one.

Benefits of Using Periscope Live Video Streaming App :

Periscope For PC live streaming twitter

  1. It helps you to reach out a large number of people. When you upload videos or go live, it attracts a large number of people because videos are definitely more interesting than ordinary posts. Thus you can reach out with your thoughts and ideas in a better way.
  2. Increases the number of followers– once you go live you will see a sharp increase in the number of followers you have and that is bound to happen. A trend study says that the number of people watching videos is much more in number. Going live has another benefit. Since you are giving current information on a current issue, everyone would like to follow thereby increasing your follower’s list.
  3. Periscope For PC Windows has many features like “Replay” option using which a user can watch the broadcasted live video again later by clicking on the Replay button.

How to Download Periscope For PC Windows 8/8.1/10 And Mac Computer

Method 1

Many users want to install periscope on their computers. If you are using your PC or laptop and running it on Windows or mac then follow the below steps to complete this method.

  • Simply download and launch the google chrome browser.
  • Then you need to download the arc welder app from this URL.
    • Arc welder app is the best app to use when you want to use a mobile app on a computer.
  • Thus once you have downloaded the arc welder app, all that you need to do is choose the “periscope app” from the “app” menu.

This is definitely the best way of downloading periscope for PC for your personal computer and laptop. This allows you to use the periscope for PC just the way you use it in your phone. Thus now you can use your pc to online on Twitter and attract a number of people and thereby increase your followers’ list.

You can still download this video streaming app for your pc, MAC using several other software. There are a number of emulators that allows you to download a periscope in your pc, laptop, MAC etc. Out of the different kind of emulators, Bluestacks is one of the highest rated and it is very safe.

Method 2

This is how you should download and install Periscope for PC using Bluestacks-

  1. Firstly you need to download the android emulator software named bluestacks on your PC/laptop.
  2. Now you need to start the installation process of bluestacks by clicking on the installer button from the software that we have downloaded.
  3. After this is complete, you need to go to the google app store in bluestacks and search for the periscope app and simply install it.

How to Download Periscope for MAC

  • In this similar way, one can use emulators as mentioned above to download a periscope for MAC. There are a lot of additional options in a periscope for PC mac. It is not always necessary that you need to share your live video with everyone. In case you want to share your video with a large group but only that group and no one else you have the option to send a broadcast message.
  • The benefit of this option is that everyone selected by you will receive the video but no one apart from that will be able to see it. This is indeed a good option and also an advantage. Suppose you have gone live but you are not sure how the audience would take it. In this case, you can select a group of your friends and send them a broadcast message of the video. If they like it and let you know, you always have the option to share this broadcast video with the others once you are sure of the response that you will get. This is essentially a very good feature of the periscope app.
  • Secondly, users also have the option of sharing their live videos directly with the public. In this case, once you have tapped on the live button and started off with your video, your followers will be notified about the video and they might tap on the notification to see the video. Here you need not share your live video separately because once you go live, people are automatically notified about that. So, you need not take any extra effort.
  • Periscope is indeed a very beneficial and a good app especially for people who are fond of uploading videos in general. This is also good if you are promoting any particular event or a company. Going live during events or during a particular company’s project is being operational is definitely better than simply putting up a post because it lets the followers or the viewers have a holistic idea of the entire thing.
  • Overall, if you prefer having a number of followers in your twitter account, going live can be half the solution. Once you go live, there’s a lot that you will want and able to cover. Be it any occasion, any event, cultural or promotional, trailer of a movie, once you start going live you’ll automatically get an idea of what the people want.


The last process was similar to the other apps that we download from the Google play store. You just simply need to go the play store, search for it and install the app. This is a very easy process and after doing this, the user would simply get to use the app on his laptop or pc just the way he used to use it on the phone.

Also, there is added the advantage of using such apps in laptops because, in your laptop or pc, you have a larger screen which facilitates communication to some extent. It is also easier to view the response of your videos in a laptop and thus, it might be beneficial for you, if you use this app and download periscope on your laptop or PC.

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