Best Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative Open Source

Best Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative Open Source For Mac And Windows

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: February 22, 2018

Best Dreamweaver Alternative Open Source – Hello guys, we are here with our web developers, finding options for writing their HTML code for web-page designing. So, let’s begin with the introduction of what they do and how they do? What are the tools along with the notepad to design the webpage?

Best Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative Open Source

There are no other tools guys; the thing which you must have to call yourself webpage designer limits itself to only a few tools; these start with the information and ends on the notepad. Therefore, with such little weapons, a coder needs to be very careful; he/she needs to be very careful at the time of choosing the same.

Top Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative For Mac & Windows

No offense to say Dreamweaver, the best. It can be used for many such purposes which others even don’t allow and is also the best for the pocket. It can be used and can be purchased at an affordable price. Obviously, for a coder the best application to let their quality show is nothing but the editor; it is the most valuable thing for any coder. Thus, it is not wrong for anyone to consider the Dreamweaver as affordable. Here we are looking for Dreamweaver alternative free which could help everyone out.

Is there any substitute for this? Yes, this fantastic and mind-blowing app does have substitutes. Let’s discuss them and with them one-by-one. Here are some editors which could be used as Dreamweaver Alternatives.

Quanta Plus

This is an amazing app, of course; it is a Dreamweaver Alternative, it is among one of the best.

Quanta Plus

It is truly a substitute for the app and can be used in place of the former one with the same features as the former one provides.  It also supports JavaScript, CSS2, XForms, RSS, etc.

I think it is not needed to explain that what are these mentioned a line before; for those who don’t know about them, let me tell you that these are scripting languages which would develop a website’s basic webpage which altogether can design website. There is Features syntax highlighting support for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML, and others.


This is also, as mentioned in the introduction, is one of the best apps or one of the best substitutes for Dreamweaver editor. This is, also, such a well-designed editor that it supports almost all languages and also provides such features that only the former one allows.


 It is an open source; it is built on Java. It is absolutely free and is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD: the mentioned software is allowed to be operated in any of the above mentioned Operating systems. It won’t give any error if operated on any of the mentioned software.

If compared with dream weaver then it supports everything including the iOS development.


This is also one of the best substitutes for the Dreamweaver and can be used in place of it. This also, like the previous members of this list, has the same and has all the features same. If compared to the Dreamweaver then it is coming next to it in coding and editing the HTML written code. It is really one of the famous applications for editing means.


 It is, as the earlier one, an open source. It is also free of cost; it is absolutely free and can be used in place of Dreamweaver. That means you have to pay nothing to work with this cool app.

All you have to do is just go to Google browser, search for the app name; make click on the first link that Google searched for you. Thereafter, you have to download it and you would be able to use the substitute of Dreamweaver, which is absolutely free.  it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux with a browser-based interface.


Bluefish, the name must have been heard by many of our viewers? It is most probable that you are thinking it as one of the sea animal, which I would be glad to tell you that you are wrong. It is one of best substitute for Dreamweaver editor. It is a very cool and an amazing app.  This provides you all the features which would be beneficial for you to have your editing done.


Apart for these qualities, Bluefish is free like the other apps and an open source; it is completely compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Unix systems; it is similar to Dreamweaver’s support for developing HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc,

But there are limitations too. Obviously, not all software can be good as other; some may have some defects. So, coming back to our main point, let’s discuss more its defects.

It has no WYSIWYG editor feature. With this app on your laptop or Mac, you cannot do shared editing.

Microsoft Expression Web

This is similar to Dreamweaver, I know it is not needed to say as I am mentioning the name of the application in the substitute-to-Dreamweaver list. So, moving forward, this is one of the best substitutes for the Dreamweaver. It allows every type of editing. The same formula of negativity or defects are applicable to this app also; It runs on Windows only and no else operating software can run this particular app. It has the same editor features of Dreamweaver and a similar interface.

Microsoft Expression Web

It even has WYSIWYG support and hard code panes. It has support for W3C for designing for people with disabilities.

Thus, these were some of the software which can substitute and can take place of the Dreamweaver editor in a laptop.


I understand, there are only few who can afford costly software for coding or any other things. Thus, to solve your problem there are many designers and application designer which has designed many copied of the same kind of application. You can try these applications if you think they are waste you can delete them or can even uninstall them.

We can see that every software or application if has some benefits then on the same hand has some demerits. They need to be balanced. If you are not a professional coder or web developer then obviously you need no extra features; thus, you can use any of the above-mentioned application which can fulfill your needs.

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