How To Permanently Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error In Chrome

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: February 26, 2018

Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error In Chrome – Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers. Google chrome is a smooth and widely used operating browser, but every browser comes with some errors or bugs. So is it with Google chrome sometimes. Often we come across a common error showed by Google chrome- “confirm form resubmission, Err_cache_miss “.


Because of being unaware of err_cache_miss origin and how to deal with it, we avoid visiting that website where Google chrome shows us the error. Fixing this error will allow you to visit the required website with no hassle. Here you would get detailed methods of Err_cache_miss error fix in chrome.

How to fix chrome err_cache_miss error?

The error err_cache_miss is not too difficult to fix. To fix error code err_cache_miss, all you have to do is try these working methods. There are different methods of fixing this error. Here are the best working methods below-

Clear Chrome Browser History

The most ignored thing is browser history. Usually, people don’t consider it that important and don’t clean their browser history. If your browser is showing the error, again and again, cleaning your chrome browser history can help you in fixing err_cache_miss error chrome. Here are the steps to follow to clean browser history-

Clear Chrome Browser History

  • Go to chrome browser and click the three vertical dots icon on the upper right corner of your chrome window.
  • It will open a drop-down menu with different options.
  • Click more on the drop-down menu list.
  • It will open a dialogue box, Select beginning of the time in the first option of clear browsing history dialogue box.
  • Tick all the given options of the dialogue box and click clear browsing data. Remember, ticking all will delete all your data of websites which you have visited till now including saved passwords if any. If you don’t want to delete all browsing history, instead of ticking all options, select cached images and files and cookies and click clear browsing data.
  • It will delete all your cache, which was the main problem with this type of error. Now, Reopen the website which wasn’t able to open earlier.

This method mostly solves the err_cache_miss error, however, if the error persists try other methods mentioned below.

Check Chrome extensions

If cache is not the reason for the error, the other common reason could be chrome extension. Some extensions may stop the working of a website on the browser. Follow these steps to check your extensions and get to know which chrome extension is causing the Err_cache_miss issue. If you are a developer and need best chrome extensions for developer then do read this.

Check Chrome extensions

  • Open your chrome browser, Click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of chrome window.
  • Click more from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the extensions option on the prompted panel.
  • It will open list of chrome extensions your browser have with options for enabling and disabling them.
  • Now, the main work starts here. Start disabling the extensions one by one and check if the browser is still showing the err_cache_miss error or not. Don’t forget to enable the extension after checking the error, you disabled before moving to next extension. Likewise, check each extension is supporting the browser or not, this way you can find the corrupted extension or plugin causing the error.
  • Disable the found extension. It will fix your err_cache_miss error in chrome.

Reset Your Chrome Browser

If the above-mentioned methods have not fixed the chrome err_cache_miss error then it might be the issue of your browser’s configuration. Try the below-given steps to fix it-

Reset Your Chrome Browser

  • Open your chrome browser, and click the vertical three dots to open control menu.
  • From the drop-down menu click settings.
  • It will prompt the settings pane, click show advanced settings option.
  • From the advanced settings option, click on the reset settings.
  • It will ask you confirm your action. Confirm it by clicking on reset.
  • This will reset your browser settings to default, Now again check the error.

Upgrade Chrome browser

Upgrade Chrome browser

Many times, it is possible if the browser is showing err_cache_miss error, it may be because of you are running an outdated version of chrome. Possibly, the version may have some bug which can be the reason for this error. To fix error code err_cache_miss update your chrome browser to the latest version.

Disable cache by using Developer Tools

The chrome err_cache_miss error can be fixed by using developer tools. Our chrome browser has developer tools option, however, it is meant for the developers and knowledgeable persons. You can also try to fix the error with dev tools. Follow the given steps-

Disable cache by using Developer Tools

  • Open your chrome browser, and type the URL of the webpage on which you are getting an error.
  • Now click CTRL+ SHIFT+I, and immediately press F1.
  • It will open dev tools for you, with preferences options. Go for the network subheading.
  • Select the option to disable cache(while dev tools are open) by ticking on the checkbox.
  • After completing all these steps refresh your browser, and check whether it worked for you or not.

Reset network settings by using command prompt

The last method we can try if nothing works is resetting the network settings by using the command prompt. Well, it sounds difficult but it’s not so. These steps will guide you about err_cache_miss error fix in chrome-

  • Open your computer, and click on the window icon.
  • It will open the start menu panel on your computer screen. Go to the search bar, and type cmd and click the enter button.
  • It will show you the search result command prompt on the same panel. Right, click on it.
  • On right clicking the command prompt option, you will get a dialogue box. Click on Run as administrator.
  • It will open command prompt window on your computer. Now type the following lines and click enter after each line.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

After typing all these, restart your computer. Open your chrome and check for the error. This will fix the error and will help you to browse smoothly.


These were the methods which you can try to fix err_cache_miss in chrome. Any of the six methods can work for you, depending on the reasons behind the error. You can use these methods even for the err_cache_miss android. If you have any other suggestion, share with us and we shall update that in the post.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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