How To Permanently Fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR On Chrome error quic protocol

How To Permanently Fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR On Chrome

PradeepLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

Fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome: Quite a lot of people face err quic protocol error Chrome. You might think that the website may be unavailable or your internet connection is slow to load it on your screen. However, the error sometimes occurs even if the websites are properly working and you have the best internet connection. Surprisingly, websites like Gmail and YouTube suffer the same errors and seem to take quite a lot of time for getting loaded.


The internet users might find the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR code difficult to deal. However, there are innovations and techniques to improve the connectivity for tackling such situations. The QUIC UDP internet connection protocol helps to fast and up your internet connectivity by reaching the website server.

What can Cause the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome?

The main problem is within the Google Chrome web browser. So you have to troubleshoot the same using QUIC (Quick udp internet connection). It is present in the updated versions of Google Chrome for encountering any undesired error or connectivity issue.


The ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error has been occurring for quite a lot of time wild, we assume that you might be facing the problem and searching for a solution for the same. The world’s best browser Google Chrome has served millions of users so far. The company has worked to the Sweat of the Brows and launched several extensions and updates to keep the users away from any hassle. With Limited people who are not using Google Chrome, it is the favorite of everyone globally.

Since Google strives to make its service Better Day by Day, Chrome browser is one of its most appreciable inventions. Google has improved the user connectivity enormously. But exceptionally there are issues arising.


While browsing the internet, the error does not occur on using Chrome in incognito mode. Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers in the world. It has high ability to support multiple extensions. Also, it has a supportive user interface which helps in avoiding glitches and bugs. Several IT professionals are still working to provide a QUIC solution to the error code.

Users who face the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error need to speed up the browser through bug resistant initiation.

err_quic_protocol_error chrome fix


The exact reason behind Chrome connection error is still unknown.

However, it is assumed to occur because of connection problem, software settle or other conflicting issues. Following steps can probably resolve the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error –

The err_quic_protocol_error fix error is a mystery for the IT professionals. However, we have strong methods to address the problem-

Method 1 – disabling experimental QUIC protocol

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • In the Address bar of the new tab, write “chrome://flags” without quotes and press enterOpen Chrome Flags
  • Do not get troubled with the warning message which says carefully. Immediately press ctrl + s for leading yourself towards the search box.
  • Type experimental QUIC protocol and disable it’s on the drop-down menuDisabling Eperimental QUIC Protocol
  • Finally, launch Google Chrome for checking out whether the same website is opening smoothly or not.

Method 2 – local proxy and Windows firewall settings alteration

  • Visit start – control panel – internet connectivity option
  • A popup window that shows connection and LAN setting option
  • Check out the problem with the connection to remove the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error
  • Disabling web browser extension
  • Chrome extensions are very featured and help to multiply the functionality of the browser. They work in the background to remove all the junk and enhance the workability manifold.
  • Launch Google Chrome and move towards the menu on the right-hand corner of the screen
  •  Select more tools
  •  Click Extensions
  •  Remove the text which is present in the application
  •  The removal of ticks disables the browser extension automatically
  •  Click on remove and disable link present in the plugin

After it is done, launch Google Chrome browser once again.

Method 3 -automatic repairing of err quic protocol error

Teams of IT professionals are inputting all the efforts to fix the problem automatically within the software.

Method 4 – keep the drivers updated

You can either choose to manually update the drivers or simply install some applications that can detect the outdated ones. Look up Google for the best driver update software which would ease the process. When your system is running flawlessly, an outdated driver cant pose a risk of downloading and accessing websites. The best is to use a software to get the driver updated are you may end up installing the wrong driver manually.

Check free versions of driver update tools. with just two clicks, you would get the best driver update tool that would immediately scan your laptop and automatically prompt for the upgrade.

The ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error is absolutely different from rest of all the bugs and errors that you would ever notice. The error does not let you access the desired website at all. In fact, sometimes it occurs in the middle of nowhere for which you need to re-launch the website immediately.


With the help of ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR fix, you can fix up the error in less than 10 minutes. No matter whether you are running Chrome on Android, Windows 10 or Windows 7 iOS or Mac PC, it would work well on each of it.

No matter whether you are facing the issue repeatedly or just once, you can apply any of the mentioned therapies to heal it up.

Since Google is always involved in innovative something new, the latest updates may end up having the User experience unknowingly. The otherwise user-friendly browser, Google Chrome has negligible issues in a General parameter. Exceptionally, the problem of ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error has been seen which is been addressed worldwide through the leading IT technicians.

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