How To Fix Err_empty_response Google Chrome Windows 10 error empty response

How To Fix Err_empty_response Google Chrome Windows 10

Venkatesh GeddamLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

Err_empty_response Chrome – Recently I was trying to land upon a website for my project preparation but in meantime, I was being irritated by a frequently occurring error which was flashing on my screen and jammed my work. It was showing a message of “err_empty_response” error. I was literally fuming and called up one of my software engineer friend who always claimed to be a rescuer. This time he proved to be the one. I asked the reason behind it. He explained four reasons for this.

Permanent fix Err_empty_response

Reasons For Err_empty_response Google Chrome Windows 10

The four reasons for Err_empty_response in chrome according to my friends were as follows.

  • Your network might be upset. As many times Wi-Fi just shows connected but it does not have internet access.
  • A few Extension files might be creating trouble, and these can be present either on your computer or Google browser. If they are present on the computer they can be easily removed but if they occupy the space in Chrome you have to reinstall it.
  • You haven’t clean the cache for quite a long time.This may be too heavy for the Chrome to work with. Let it be relaxed and erase it time to time to prevent further problems.
  • Certain temporary files might be causing the trouble. These files may be the residual of the applications or system files. Try to reboot it after some time.

Permanently Fix Err_empty_response Google Chrome In Windows 10

What can be the solution then? Thankfully troubleshooting is possible for every of the above situation. Else you will end up with spoiling your computer. You can try any of the methods to solve the problem. Here is the entire list:

error empty response permanent fix

If the problem is due to Network Connection

  • This is the very basic and might be the first reason for the error. As soon as your screen shows the “err_empty_response”, rush immediately to check your network.
  • Figure out whether your computer is connected to internet or not. Also, check the working of your Wi-Fi router or any other device like modem you are using for internet connectivity.
  • Sometimes there shows a limited connection which is another cause as there is no data packet transfer. There can be a problem at any stage- from transmission or receiving end, you can check both ends.

Clear the browsing data

  • Too many browsed and uncleared data may cause much error and one of them is “err_empty_response”.
  • You can do this by any of the two methods- first, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and you will see a data clearing window on your screen.
  • Here you go! Clear it on. Or you can also try this method as well- Select the time range and tick the items till recent time and click the clear button.
  • Easy! Your data is clear and now the browser will breathe easy. One thing you should remember is that you should shut the browser off after this exercise and start it over again.
  • It is recommended to keep on clearing this over and time again. If you are not doing so it might cause hindrance in the seamless working of your internet connection.Clear Browsing Data

Improper network settings

  • This could also be the reason. The wrong DNS settings are the root cause of such issues. Your err_empty_response might be due to this reason.
  • What you can do in such situation is to reset all the network settings. Remember you might lose all your Wi-Fi passwords saved.
  • You can do this with the help of “command prompt”.
  • Start it like: Open the start menu in the computer-type cmd- right click here and Run it as administrator.Open Command Prompt
  • Another way to do so is to type these words in Command Prompt (don’t forget to press enter each time)-ipconfig/release (enter) ipconfig/all (enter) ipconfig/flushdns (enter) ipconfig/renew (enter) netsh int ip set dns (enter) netsh winsock reset .
  • Or the easiest is to reboot your entire system and now open the browser.
  • Most probably your entire problem might have been solved. As this setting can refresh your network settings and you will experience a brand new connectivity to your browser.
  • This trick works in most of the cases until unless there is no major issue.

You can update your drivers 

  • Sometimes the driver installed for the internet connectivity are not working properly Or they might not be compatible with your system. All you have to do is to update them.
  • For this you can try ‘Driver Easy’, this is indeed a time-tested method. It will identify your system and it will give you the correct drivers for this. You don’t need to have possessed the technical knowledge about your system.
  • If you want to install on a speedy basis and want a guarantee to get back your money if not installed then use the pro version of that.
  • Else you can try the free version and this is good as well. Updating your drivers without any credible mean can lead you to permanently lose the settings of wi-fi and other internet sources including the LAN/WAN services.

Test your browser with another one

  • Unfortunately, if all the methods fail you can try this ultimate one. If any of the above methods do not prove to be a savior when there is a serious issue with your browser.
  • Now the last resort remains to compare your browser with the other ones available around. If all others are working properly then it is sure that there is a problem with the Chrome itself.
  • It might be possible that there is a minor difference in the speed as there can be traffic difference in browsers.
  • If this is the problem then uninstall the browser and re-install it all together.
  • Remember, you have to completely erase that from your computer and again install this.


Thus these were all the working methods you could use to Fix Err_empty_response in Google Chrome on Windows 10. Hope the tricks we shared regarding “chrome net :: err_empty_response” will work well for you! Let us know if you need any further help in resolving this issue in the comment section below.

Happy browsing!

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