11 Best IOS Antivirus Apps For iPhones And iPads

11 Best IOS Antivirus Apps For iPhones And iPads You Must Use

Venkatesh GeddamLast Updated On: February 17, 2018

IOS Antivirus apps: As you know iPhone gives us a superior touch and a wide brand value, iPhone itself is a brand class these days. But apart from brand value and superior look, iPhone’s security, is a major thing. So, today Techweed presents you the best Antivirus for iPhone which will help you to keep your iPhone safe and secure.

11 Best IOS Antivirus Apps For iPhones And iPads

Having an amazing and branded Smartphone like iPhone or another iOS device gives you a prestigious look at our lifestyle. Have you ever thought if you’re all personal data like photos, documents, music etc. are not safe at all? You must be much aware of security for your iPhone device to protect your all-important data and files. Hence, all you need is a good ios antivirus apps for your iPhone. Here we have listed 11 iphone virus scan free.

Best IOS Antivirus Apps For iPhones And iPads

There are lots of antivirus apps available for iPhone users on App Store. But you need to be wise while choosing a right antivirus for free could be difficult for some iPhone user.

But you do not worry as here we will be listing out top 11 best iOS antivirus apps for iPhone and iPads for free download.

Avast SecureMe

Avast secure me is one of the best antivirus apps for your iPhone. It is free to download it for your iPhone from App Store and from Avast Website. The Avast Secure-Me protect is the world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while the device is connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi network.

Avast SecureMe - Best malware protection software

The iPhone antivirus scan app allows you to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and notifies you whether it is safe or not. The main problem that you faced when you’re connected to an open Wi-Fi network is that your private information gets leaked. Avast Secure Me notifies you against any such threats and notifies you.

Avast Secure-Me also features virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to encrypt browsing experience. It helps you to protect all your emails, browsing history, and personal data from others. Avast Secure-Me keeps a keen track of your activities like online messaging, shopping, banking, etc.

Lookout mobile security

This security app is one of the best mobile securities for iPhone or other iOS devices. This antivirus is popular for iOS users for its amazing features. This allows you to backup your all of personal data and chats. This app secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi networks if the network is founded unsafe by the Lookout app. 

Lookout mobile security - Antivirus scan for iPhone and Ipod

Lookout is free to download for your iPhone from App store and it will give your iPhone complete protection. In case if you ever lose your phone, Lookout will locate it within seconds if the phone is connected to the internet.

It will also save the last location of your iPhone before the battery drains out completely. It triggers an alarm to find your device if you feel it’s nearby even if it’s in silent mode.

McAfee mobile security

This antivirus is also another brand name in its arena. McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing and latest security bugs and protects your iPhone device. You can download the latest antivirus for iPhone for free but you can also opt out to pro version paying some bucks to enable more additional features.

McAfee mobile security

This app will also protect you from the unsecured website if there are any harmful issues found on your iPhone.  McAfee Mobile Security helps you keep your friends away from your private stuffs.

It will also provide you with a shield to protect your confidential files and even report you if anyone else apart from you tries to access them without your permission.

Norton mobile security

Norton Mobile Security is known for its wonderful features like powerful, effective and a reliable protection for iPhone and iPads. It keeps tracing for any threat in your iPhone continuously and notifies you about the threats on your iPhone.

Norton mobile security for iphone and ipad

Moreover, Norton also makes sure that your data gets backed up regularly so that you never lose it. Norton Mobile Security can also find your iPhone if it ever gets lost. It saves the last location of iPhone before it is shutting down and triggers an alarm to locate the same quickly.

The mobile security app detects unsafe app on your installed iPhone device and protects you from cyber criminals.

F-secure safe

To make sure that your iPhone is all secured during your online activities is important and a difficult task. F-Secure Safe helps you to keep your iPhone and your personal information safe while browsing. It notifies you about malicious nature of websites that may harm your iPhone.

F-secure safe for iphone and ipad

F-Security features safe browsing, that will allow you to protect your iPhone while your web stream or online activities, hence; keep all personal data and information safe from others. Other useful features of this antivirus app are it blocks unwanted calls, detect and clean harmful apps.

360 Security

360 Security app also protects your iPhone from emerging threats, malware, Trojans by detecting malicious app on your iPhone. It also secures your data, call and SMS filter, monitor your data usage and also it has a dedicated feature Find My Phone to recover your lost iPhone.

360 Security antivirus for iphone

360 Security has the mobile optimizer that allows your iPhone to improve its performance and detect duplicate files which is a very needful feature by 360 Security.

360 degree is equipped with a photo optimizer which will scan your photo album regularly for any duplicate photos. 360 security also helps you to clear out unwanted space from your iPhone.


MobiShield is a good antivirus app, this app can protect your data and apps by checking your iPhone’s threats and immediately repairs it or deletes it. MobiShiled features Backup and Recover contacts and optimize your iPhone’s battery and more.

MobiShield virus scanner for iphone

You can download this app from App Store for your iPhone for free and protect your phone from any kind of threats.


Avira Mobile Security app is an ideal tool to have as an antivirus for iPhone to ensure complete security. This security app keeps a track of your emails to make sure that their privacy has not been compromised for threats.

Avira mobile security free antivirus for iphone

With the help of Avira’s dashboard, you can connect to 5 devices which will be tracked and traced down in case of loss or theft of your iPhone.

Trend micro mobile security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is an impressive antivirus, unlike above-mentioned antivirus applications. This security app guards your iPhone against identity thefts and protects your phone from fraudulent and dangerous websites or bugs.

Trend micro mobile security

It even enables you to manage your monthly data usage and charges. It also backups all your contacts and shares it across multiple platforms. You can even locate your phone when it is lost.

VirusDetector pro

VirusDetector Pro app wants no one to be the source of the infected files or information. Your iPad or iPhone may not be affected by items that have a virus embedded, but others whom you send the information to will be getting affected. This one is in the top ios antivirus apps ever.

With this app, you will be able to import files or type in URLs into the software in order to determine if they are safe for others to open. It is one of the best malware protection for iphone.


This amazing security app offers you a complete protection to any type of personal data lying on your iOS device and even scans all your apps and games which you have installed from the app store or any other third party app stores like Cydia.

VirusBarrier free virus scanner

With VirusBarrier from Intego, you can also scan and save email attachments or file on your device and also scan for threats on the files from a remote location like Dropbox and Google Drive.


This is all for “Best Antivirus for iPhone” overview; hope you have got all information of about antivirus apps for iPhone for free download and this may let you choose wisely best free antivirus for iPad . The above list is the best antivirus for iPhone and iPads to secure your phone from all malicious threats.

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