Run Xcode on windows without Virtualization

How to Run Xcode On Windows Without Virtualization [Step-By-Step]

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: April 28, 2020

Run Xcode On Windows Without Virtualization – It was really an expensive affair to develop iOS apps and software. A few years back you have to buy Mac to develop the ecosystem for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS etc. Apple launched XCode- an Integrated Development Environment to design and develop soft power for Apple. From then onwards, people nurtured a dream to develop the software cheaply.  But that was not as cheap as people thought. And buying a Mac can make a hole in your pocket literally. So, experts came up with a viable option. With a debatable question- whether XCode can be used for Windows or not, it became a hot topic in the market.

Run Xcode on windows without Virtualization

Can I get XCode on Windows?

There are two fractions of software developers:

  • Who says it’s not possible: They say it is theoretically possible but practically impossible. It’s not working properly. And there are legal issues as well. Apple has declared it illegal in the terms and conditions of the company.
  • Who says it’s possible: It is heavily claimed. What you have to do is to only install a simulation of macOS. You can do this with the help of many virtualization software like VirtualBox or VMWare.

Considering that technology has advanced today, we will go to the second chamber who claims that it is possible to develop Apple software on a windows system. Let’s learn it step by step:

Requirements & Installation steps to use Xcode on windows 7/10 64 bit OS

  1. Requirements: 4GB+ RAM and 80 GB on hard disk, Intel Processor (dual core is recommended), Virtualization of hardware.
  2. Install application imitating Mac operating system: for this purpose, VirtualBox is recommended as it is freely and openly available. Good news is that it can also run on Linux. Once installed you can choose to install MacOS. It will configure the system automatically. Manually you have to do three things: go to ‘system’ tab and enable EFI, go to ‘processor’ tab and select at least two CPU, Go to ‘display’ tab and enhance video memory more than 128MB.
  3. Download Hackboot bootloader: You will need this to install make it a virtual Mac operating system. Select the disk and a Mac screen will appear.
  4. Follow the installation instruction: In between the configuration you need to entre AppleID.
  5. Install XCode: It’s an easy process. Go to App Store in the Mac Window and click on the search icon. Type XCode and download that. When you will click on download icon it will again ask for the AppleID. After application being downloaded, click on the icon and complete the installation process. Keep patience as it is a heavy application so it can take relatively more time.

The procedure is same for Windows 7 and 10. The same procedure can be applied on VMWare if you want to install Xcode on Windows 10 OS as it is less friendly with VirtualBox and can create a problem.

Step By Step Procedure To Run Xcode On Windows Without Virtualization

  1. After downloading the VMWare, go to installed application. Right click on the application and select ‘run as administrator’.
  2. Open the application- click on ‘file’ and proceed next.
  3. Select an installation disc and choose ‘I will install the operating system later’.
  1. Now you can select a guest operating system which will give you many choices of the operating systems. Choose Mac system from them.
  2. You can now name your virtual machine. And simultaneously select a location to store the entire system file.
  3. Now select the disc size and select the option of ‘split virtual disk into multiple files’.

Click ‘next’ and your system will pop up the Mac Window. And it will be ready for the iOS developments. Now you can use your system window for application development and various other purposes.

Note: You should not expect very high speed from the system. It can be used for academic purposes not for professional uses. It will not provide you the access to various services which are essential for the professional development of an application.

This powerful application will transform your software development like never before and you will feel the difference. It will make the technology access easier and near to people.

If you don’t want to opt for above-mentioned option there are Xcode alternative mac c++ available.

  1. You can have a Mac for rent. You can avail the various services who can give you the device with pre-installed XCode on mac. This one is a good option in beginning but one should try to buy the machine some day.
  2. To learn other ways we must have some knowledge about how Apple develops the software. By doing a good piece of research you will come to know that Apple uses a machine language Swift to develop the applications for its various operating systems. Swift is just like another machine languages like Java and C+ or C++ but it is operated differently. It is a good deal to learn this language before starting to develop the application or trying to install that on Windows altogether. Although you can come across various other objective-c apps on Apple’s App Store. But learning Swift is highly advisable. You can take help from various websites which make you write and run this language.


These were some hacks to help you fulfill your passion and need for developing Apple software with ease. I would recommend going through the terms and condition of Apple Company so that you don’t have to face any legal challenge. After that, if you feel safe you can choose any of the way mentioned above. Making Xcode work on Windows system will not only bring down the cost of application development but also make it possible to access the technology to a wider mass base.

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