How To Fix Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error usb device descriptor failed

How To Fix Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

Fix Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error – We often get errors flashing on the screens of in the Windows 10 laptop/desktop inserting a USB drive. The device may not be able to identify the inserted USB drive and represent the same and form of an error message “device descriptor request failed”.

Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error

Without any delay, we move on to device manager for addressing the issue immediately. However, the device manager may be incapable to identify the unknown USB and again show the same USB device descriptor failure Windows 10 error.

Fix Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed code 43

The error can generate because of an outdated Software, Hardware problem, incapable USB controller or normal troubleshooting errors. We have come up with some of the quick solutions to save you from a further headache.

Method 1 – Disable the fast/quick start-up

  • Restarting your desktop did not work for you?Well, worry not!!we still have many other ways to rescue you. Disabling fast startup is a worthwhile method to encounter the error. Fast startup Refers to a combination of a shutdown and Hibernate process in which the appliance quickly reboots. In such a process, your laptop might not be able to identify the USB and showcase device descriptor request failed error thereby giving you a mini heart attack. What you can do is –
  • Hold Windows key + r for opening the run command.Run Command Opening
  • Hit control and then ok button.
  • Relocate the power buttons in control panel option and open it up.Power Options
  • visualize the right side of the panel and select the power button option
  • Change settings that are currently unavailable – hit it
  • Untick the box which states turn on fast startup. It is usually located underneath shutdown settings.Do not forget to save the made changes so that the modifications work.
  • Restart your system once again and hopefully, the device descriptor request error would have been resolved by now

Method 2: To Alter the USB selective suspend setting

If the above method was a failure for you, unknown USB device error can be fixed with this method for sure.

  • Select the battery icon and press right click on it.Power Options
  • Amongst the power options, select plan settings.Select Plan Settings
  • Hit upon changing advanced power setting option.Advanced Power Settings
  • From the huge list appearing on your screen, choose the USB setting option and click on it.
  • Click on USB selective suspend setting for making things work.
  • Click on the battery from the drop-down menu and disable it right away.
  • Repeat the same option with plugged in option.Disabling Options
  • Apply the initiated changes and press ok to continue

Hopefully, your unknown USB device error would have been resolved through this.

Method 3: Cutting power supply

Nothing can be easier than this particular method of resolving device descriptor request failed error. All you have to do is-

  • Restart the laptop by removing the power supply source.
  • Once again connect your USB to the drive.
  • Soon after the USB driver gets connected, supply the device with power voltage.

Method 4: Uninstalling the unidentifiable USB drivers

The problem of device descriptor request failed Windows 10 is definitely crucial. it needs a permanent solution in any case. So if you are worried about the error reacting, again and again, let’s take some hard steps for it-

  • Choose Run dialogue box.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and hit ok.Run Dialogue Box
  • Your screen would display the list of all the USB controller options.Device Manager
  • Check out the unidentifiable USB option by linking the device with it.
  • USB controller list will have the unknown device option highlighted in yellow color.
  • Uninstall it by right-clicking on the same.
  • Restart your computer after the process has been completed.
  • Restarting your laptop would definitely resolve the problem of unknown USB device.

Method 5: Generic USB hub update

  • Choose Windows key + x – device manager.WIN + X Command
  • Locate USB controller and select Generic USB hub option.
  • Hit upon update driver option.Update Drive Option
  • Press browse my computer for Driver Software option from the same window.
  • You would get a popup. select let me pick from a list of drivers.
  • Select Generic USB hub – next.
  • After making the changes choose X button.
  • Save the changes and expect the problem not to arise ever again.

Method 6: Do not use the same port

The used port might have some internal damage or any software related problem. The best would be to resolve the issue by Inputting your USB into an alternate port of the device. Within my 1 minute, you will get rid of your problem.

Method 7: Troubleshooter method

The troubleshooter option particularly resolves device and Hardware related issues in the laptop. Let’s know how it works –

  • Channelize yourself towards control panel of your system.Troubleshooting Method
  • Locate troubleshooter within the search option or simply type it into the search bar.
  • Choose configure a device under hardware and sound option.
  • Choose to fix the USB device not recognized error.Troubleshooting devices
  • Execute the troubleshooting method which would for sure fix everything that has been troubling you so far.
  • Do not forget to restart your system after the changes have been made.


With the above-mentioned steps, you don’t have to panic after seeing the device descriptor request failed error on your Windows 10 /7 laptop. Within just 10 minutes, these doable methods would cure all the mishaps.

The best would be to restart your laptop the moment you see that error arising. Generally, the error gets resolved on its own within 2 minutes or even less. However, if it doesn’t go away, you need to check up whether there are some virus issues or some problem with the flash drive. Apart from that, you can choose any of the step-by-step device descriptor requests failed error fix process.

If nothing works at all, consult a professional to get the USB device descriptor failure Windows 10 issue resolved. It is better to get the issue check on time because it may give you troubles later as well.

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